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Emily Martin

Meguiars Scratch Eraser Kit, Quik

Meguiars Scratch Eraser Kit, Quik

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If you have light scratches and scuffs but dont want to work by hand theres now a great solution with Meguiars Quik Scratch Eraser Kit. This kit includes everything you need to remove light imperfections quickly and easily. The kit comes with Meguiars proprietary 4? Scratch Eraser Pad that attaches to a standard household drill greatly reducing the time and effort it takes to remove light defects when used with Meguiars ScratchX 2. 0, also included in the kit. Meguiars ScratchX 2. 0 contains microscopic abrasives to quickly and safely erase blemishes like light scratches, scuff marks, paint transfer, fingernail marks around door handles, light defects and more! The last component in the kit is a premium microfiber towel to safely and gently remove the ScratchX 2. 0 and bring up a brilliant shine. So, if you have fine scratches and blemishes let the drill do the work and erase them with Meguiars Quik Scratch Eraser Kit!

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