The Kalbi Cook

The Kalbi Cook

The flanken style short rib is used for many Korean & Asian-inspired dishes and is often called the kalbi or galbi cut. It’s cut across the bone on the beef plate rib, usually in half-inch slices. Opposite from the plate rib, which can be cooked low & slow like brisket, kalbi is a quick cook and should be seared over an open flame for best results.



  • Gentry’s BBQ TenneSweet (1/2 cup)
  • Soy Sauce (2 TB)
  • Gochuchang (1/4 cup)
  • Black Raspberry Jam (1/4 cup)
  • Minced Garlic (1 TB)

**Slowly bring this mixture to a slight boil over low heat.**

  • Kalbi (1 lb)
  • Salted Peanuts (1/2 cup)
  • Jalapeño (whole)
  • Green Onion

This entire process took about an hour, including the marinade. I used a pound of Certified Angus Beef flanken (4 pack). It’s available at our Gentry’s BBQ General Store. When the marinade mixture has reached boiling, remove from heat & let cool for a few minutes. Separate the flanken & put into a Tupperware container. Pour the marinade over the flanken, seal the container with a lid & shake vigorously. Rest the container in the fridge or freezer to let it cool for half an hour. I used the XL Big Green Egg for this cook. Your final grilling temp should be 475 F over direct heat. Let your grill set at that temp for a little while to ensure a mature fire (glowing coals). While your beef is marinating and your fire is building, make some garlic rice. We used a rice cooker (it’s fast!) today & added whole garlic cloves & butter to the mixture. This is a great combination with the spicy kalbi! Next, crush some salted peanuts & slice your jalapeños & green onion strips for garnishing. Two cups of rice should only take about 15 minutes. When that’s done, it’s time to sear the flanken. With a pair of long tongs, place the flanken over the center of the fire. Grill each side for 2 minutes. Immediately plate the kalbi with a side of garlic rice & garnish with the peanuts, green onions, and jalapeños … if you dare! This is a quick & easy meal that is sure to please your family, friends & guests! Enjoy!

  • Chris Gentry
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