Gentry’s BBQ launched in 2016 by award-winning pitmaster Chris Gentry. After decades of cooking for friends and family, Chris followed his passion and bottled his signature, regional BBQ sauces and rubs. He joined the competitive BBQ circuit, launched a food truck and catering service, and most recently opened a specialty grill and BBQ store in Orlando’s Ivanhoe Village.


If you’re in the Orlando area and looking for delicious, Southern-inspired eats, want to purchase grills, smokers or BBQ accessories, or would like to learn how to be the master your own grill, please call or visit Gentry’s BBQ General Store.


Gentry’s BBQ General Store


The General Store is home to specialty grills and smokers, including Big Green Egg, PK Grills, Green Mountain Grills, Delta Heat and M Grills, and specialty accessories and products used by the country’s best pitmasters.


If you’d like to learn how to grill and about the various types of meat and best ways to prep them at home, Chris offers classes and team-building opportunities.  


To learn more and see what’s in stock, visit Gentry’s BBQ General Store. 


Gentry’s BBQ Sauces and Rubs


Today, the Gentry’s BBQ line includes four flavorful and distinct sauces, as well as versatile BBQ rubs. You can purchase the products online or at the General Store. 


The sauces have taken home top finishes at international BBQ competitions, and are routinely used by competitive pitmasters and backyard cooks across the country.


Chris is passionate about the South’s varying regional BBQ and created his line of sauces and rubs to make those unique flavors available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. 


The sauces include: Roscoe’s Mop Sauce (Eastern North Carolina-vinegar-based); Cakalacki Gold (South Carolina mustard-based); Tenne-Sweet (Memphis-inspired sweet sauce); and Bird on Fire Wing Sauce.


Gentry’s BBQ rubs include:  Smoke Stack, Beef Brigade, Ham Bone, and Loosey Anne Seafood Seasoning.


In 2018, Cakalacki Gold won "Best Mustard" at the prestigious Memphis in May BBQ Competition, and was rated the No. 2 mustard-based sauce in the country by the National Barbecue & Grilling Association.


In 2017, Cakalacki Gold placed in the top 10 at the American Royal Sauce Championships, and also took home a top 20 finish at Memphis in May.


Gentry’s BBQ Food Truck and Catering


Want to host a neighborhood block party or corporate event and want food that will impress? Gentry’s BBQ’s Food Truck can be reserved for private events. For inquiries, contact us. 


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